Urgent Call to Free Afsaneh Norouzi

The fraternal Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations,
The revolutionary and progressive organisations,
The progressive minded individuals and human rights activists

The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has sentenced Afsaneh Norouzi to death. In 1997, an official member of the Islamic Republic’s security forces for law and o rder attempted to rape Afsaneh. In the process of defending herself, she killed the perpetrator. Several official members of the regime’ security forces, the official medical examiner, and the first judge who reviewed her case all have confirmed Afsaneh’s claim to have acted in self-defence. But, her case was referred to another court and she was sentenced to death. The Islamic Republic’s Supreme Court has upheld Afsaneh’ death sentence and has forced her to sign the sentence.

Afsaneh has been imprisoned since 1997 and her young kids were allowed to visit her in prison only a few times during the past six years. According to the authorities of the Islamic Republic, she will be hung in a few days.

Afsaneh’s conviction is a result of the misogynous and oppressive policies of the Islamic Republic. The Iranian women under the present regime have no right to defend themselves. The barbarity imposed upon women in Iran is unimaginable. Afsaneh’s death sentence is a result of the reactionary Islamic judicial system and of the regime’s revenge seeking.

We call upon our comrades to protest against Afsaneh’s sentence by all means possible. We ask you to send letters of protest to the embassies and officials of the Islamic Republic and express your outrage for this barbarity. We call upon all progressive humanity to denounce the Islamic regime of Iran for inhumane and medieval actions against Afsaneh Norouzi and to demand that Afsaneh’s sentence be revoked, and that she be immediately and unconditionally released.

The Foreign Office of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)
October 11, 2003




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