No Israel or India help: US agrees to Pak demand

Artikel fra HI Pakistan 17.09.01

ISLAMABAD: The United States has agreed to Pakistan’s request that neither India nor Israel will be part of any international military coalition forces that might be stationed in Pakistan or use its facilities for a possible attack on Afghanistan, well placed sources told The News here on Sunday.

“No Israeli or Indian soldier will be allowed in Pakistan and Washington has acceded to this Islamabad request as justified,” the sources added. The sources also revealed that Pakistan has agreed to make a last ditch effort on behalf of the international community to persuade the ruling Taliban of Afghanistan to hand over Osama bin Laden to save themselves from ‘a horrific blitz.’ “A high-level delegation is being sent to Kabul to persuade supreme Taliban leader Mullah Omar to hand over bin Laden to the international community and which will extend guarantees that he will have a fair trial,” the sources said.

“Failure to do so, Pakistan will warn the Taliban,” the sources revealed, “will result in a horrific blitz including dropping of neutron bombs on selective places inside Afghanistan.” The neutron bomb does not emit radioactivity but kills people by sucking oxygen from the impact area and inflicting relatively little damage to buildings.

President General Pervez Musharraf will dispatch the delegation on a special flight to Kabul on Monday to deliver the request for bin Laden’s surrender and the neutron bomb warning. The delegation will include high ranking military and civilian officials who have “some influence” on the Taliban.

“Pakistan has aligned itself with the international community in the fight against the scourge of terrorism and has agreed to deliver a final ultimatum to the Taliban to hand over bin Laden or face retribution of horrific proportions,” the source told The News.

“Islamabad will try and persuade the Taliban to see reason and not plunge their country and the region to large-scale destruction for the sake of just one man,” the sources said. The sources added: “Pakistan has been assured that in return for its cooperation, all sanctions on the country will be lifted, generous aid will flow in for economic reforms and other incentives including help to Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.”

“We suffered when we fought the Afghan jihad against Communism and run the risk of more problems now but the decision has been made to serve only national interests with the single point agenda of saving Pakistan and making it prosperous,” the sources said.

Hi Pakistan Nettet 17.09.01

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