Digte 8. marts 2024

Digtene blev oplæst af Rima Youssef Ali på 8. marts 2024 i København

Digt No. 1

Rami Ali sang smukke palæstinensiske sange og læste digte op

My homeland
Knows me well
The colour of her stones And our bodies are alike
Every corner on her streets
Witnessed me fighting
Fighting to stay
Committed to remembering my face
By heart
No matter how hard they tried to erase it
She still fights
And so do I.

Digt No. 2

Who has no past has no future, they said
Trying so hard to save what is left
They stole everything
What makes us, us
I am afraid
that they may even steal
my voice, my name or my history
I wake up every day
checking if my history is still mine
That they did not steal it
while I was
dreaming of being remembered

Digt No. 3

“Being here is not my choice but everything
happens for a reason,” they say.
Is there a reason behind seeing death every day?
Is there a reason for suffering or for hate? A bubble,
one that is about to pop.
The outside can be seen but sometimes I choose not to.
Is guilt my main motivation?
Am I doing what I am supposed to?
Being here is not my choice,
being there for my country is my choice.
Politics, politics, politics.
It is a house made of sticks.
One falls, but the others turn into bricks.
It is a game with some tricks.
Some chairs and some mix.

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