No to participation from the Danish government in a cup in Venezuela

Hands off Venezuela
No to participation from the Danish government in a cup in Venezuela

The 10th of May a Democracy Summit took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Among the participants were the Juan Guaidó, Venezuela’s cup-president and the tool of US imperialism, the president of Taiwan and Tsai Ing-wen, the prominent so-called democracy activist from Hongkong, Nathan Law and the Danish Foreign minister Jeppe Kofoed.

The summit was meet by a demonstration of international solidarity with the peoples struggle in Venezuela saying Juan Guaidó and US-imperialism are not welcome here.

The summit was held by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation headed by Anders Fogh Rasmussen the former Secretary General of NATO and former Prime Minister of Denmark; responsible for the war crimes made by Danish imperialist military participation in the terror wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

That this summit has nothing to do with democracy was made clear by the statements of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who always have been a crusader for US imperialism. He made the purpose of the summit clear:

“.. NATO has begun to take a great deal of interest in China as a military threat, and if it comes to a military confrontation, then I believe that Europe should help the Americans. It is the future of democracy that is at stake, nothing less”.

The mobilization of reactionary forces in a scenario of an upcoming war between the two imperialist world powers US and China is yet another threat for the working class and peoples in the world in a situation of economic, politic and social crises.

The demonstration in Copenhagen demanded No participation from the Danish imperialism and government in a cup in Venezuela and no participation in imperialist militarization and wars.

APK, Workers Communist Party, Denmark, 11th May 2021

Hands off Venezuela

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