By Kristian D.


I tried to stay home
and I was bombed

I tried to escape to areas
that used to be my country
and I was shot at

I sought a bit of freedom in the air
where waves of the mediterranean hit the beach
and the kids are playing ball
and I was bombed

I sought shelter in UN buildings
and I was bombed

Desperate I sent my children to the UN school
and they were bombed and killed

I visited the graves of my children
and in the cemetery
I was bombed and wounded

I was lying in a hospital bed
glaring at the ceiling
that was bombed

I sought refuge in the UN Charter
and I was bombed

I sought coverage in international conventions
and I was bombed with phosphorus

I sought the attention of Arab leaders
and they looked at me in silence
as I was bombed

I sought the sympathy of European leaders
and they referred to friendship with the US and Israel
as I was bombed again

Now, friend, I abide my time
and enter the resistance
that the incessant rhythms of Israeli bombs
shall not be the only music
in my land

July 27th 2014

Kristian Dalgaard is a revolutionary Danish poet and editor of KPnetTV

Read the poem in Danish here

Reád about his book of poems 'Lykkelands lænker' (2013) here (Danish)

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