Banana Kingdom Denmark, Maksim and Lithuania

By Ron Ridenour

I took off from organizing and writing Maksim’s story, in order to demonstrate with a thousand others against US-Denmark wars, to tell both states: “Yankee Go Home”, “Take Back Denmark’s Sovereignty”.

This was September 2, the day that Donald Trump should have made a presidential visit but cancelled because the Kingdom of Denmark would not sell this real estate capitalist its colony island of Greenland. I suppose Trump figured that since Denmark had already delivered its foreign policy sovereignty to “the greatest country in the world” two-three decades ago that it would be willing to sell him Greenland, so that the US Military Empire could have more military bases with nuclear armament placed there. But his logic was premature.

On that same day, “coincidentally”, Denmark’s “social democrat” war minister, Trine Bramsen, sent four F16 war jets Denmark had bought from Trump-land years ago to Maksim’s homeland, in order to “protect” Lithuania from the big bad bear.

On that same day, Denmark also announced it was buying top-notch sonar, so it could play along with its Big Daddy, when they go searching for Putin-run submarines and, of course, there would be more funds for NATO. Not least, Denmark’s war minister announced that she would assure that her elite killers—Commando troops and Navy Seals (Jaegerkorpset and Froemandskorpset)—will be used all the more to protect Denmark against Russia. She announced this without stating what the threat was, but assured us that this “fellowship” with NATO and the US will “be effective when there is need for it.”

So, Big Daddy got what he wanted without wasting his time and tax money with a trip to Banana Kingdom Denmark.

On an historical note, we should recall that there are two direct opposite definitions of “fellowship” (or “unison”) for social democrats and socialists and communists. Back during the days leading up to the Russian Revolution, the Russian social democratic party had two factions, “Bolsheviks” and “Mensheviks”—the former wanted socialism (leading toward a stateless communist society), and the latter opted for “social democratic” capitalism—a la Bernie Sanders of today. The split ended with the Russian Revolution being attacked by social democrats and their allies, the aristocratic “white army” and its allies the US, six European states and Japan. Before the 1917 revolution, German social democrats had gone along with the bourgeoisie’s senseless world war, and social democrats have since followed suit in scores of countries and in hundreds of wars.

I returned to Maksim’s story the following day as Denmark’s mass media obfuscated our antiwar action and boldly announced all of Kingdom Denmark’s war plans to please Big Daddy and the Western war industry.

These contributions to US/NATO war-making were not enough. On September 6, the ministers of State / Foreign Affairs / War announced that Denmark will contribute even more to military and war by sending 500 more soldiers into various parts of the world. They will also sail Denmark’s largest vessel, a frigate, to assist a US aircraft carrier group. Denmark already participates in war missions in Afghanistan (now for 18 years) and Iraq, and “defense” of Kosovo and Estonia. They will continue to do so.

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