USA Elections: A Revolutionary View – by Ron Ridenour

Perhaps the biggest perceived political dilemma for the world right now is what will happen in the United States, and thereby to the world, depending on which of the two becomes president. Because of this unprecedented hate-filled election campaign, many pundits consider this election to be the most important in USA history.

my-sons-wont-die-or-kill-for-oilby Ron Ridenour

I have long postponed making a prediction about what could occur with either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton as president. I also vacillated about making a prognosis regarding Barak Obama when he first campaigned for the presidency. The main reason for both hesitations have to do with the two main moral principles in my life’s political struggles for over half a century: always fight against racism-racial/ethnic/gender inequality, and against war and for peace.

What happened, though, with many of the extremely brave civil rights leaders and activists, as well as many peace activists? In the effort to gain “political influence” many went into the Democratic Party and deemed it “necessary” to support imperialist wars and the capitalist economy. This has been the case with several SNCC leaders such as John Lewis, and the Black Congressional Caucus in general, and with the independent “socialist” Sanders.

When it came to Obama’s first election campaign, it could seem that I would be abandoning solidarity with black people if I severely criticized him and opted to support no presidential candidate or a decent one with no chance of winning. And now eight years later, if I come out against Clinton, it could seem that I support an avid racist-foreign hater-sexist reality show buffoon.

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