Greetings to the 8th Congress of PCOF

  • pcofThe Danish Marxist-Leninists and our Party APK greet your Congress, wishing it every success in completing its tasks for the strengthening of the communist Party and the struggle of the working class and people for a better future.This is a time of sharpened class struggle, of unbridled neoliberal attacks on all gains formerly won by the popular struggles, it is a time where the revolutionary leadership of a Marxist-Leninist Party tested in struggle is as necessary as ever before.

    The Workers’ Communist Party of France is such a Party, steadily embracing the invincible theory of revolution and socialism, applying it in the concrete historical conditions of your country, finding the ways for the working class and people to advance their struggle under the red banner of sacrifices and victories.

    Your Congress takes place in a situation of continued and deepening crisis of the capitalist system on a global scale, and of a deep and all-sided crisis of the efforts of the ruling class and the monopolies to build a united capitalist Europe as a global imperialist superpower.

    Our continent is trembling under the disasters created by capitalism and the failed project of the United Europe of the monopolies, that have tried to unify countries of different levels of  capitalist development and history under the same neoliberal set of regulations. To the crisis of the Euro is added the crisis of basic treaties of the European Union – such as the internal market, the ‘open’ borders, the Schengen and Frontex regulations.

    This has deepened the uneven development, made the rich richer and pauperized the poor – countries as well as people. In the European Union weaker countries are turned into dependent semi-colonies, robbed of national sovereignty. Unemployment is soaring, the real wages continually declining, minimum wages lowered. A whole generation of youth are facing a future of worse prospects than their parents – of incessant imperialist wars, state of emergencies and police state measures, promotion of extreme right reaction, developing fascist and jihadist terrorism.

    The PCOF has been fighting these developments in a consistent manner, always from a position of proletarian internationalism and international solidarity, targeting the ruling class and its reactionary and social liberal governments, attacking imperialist France and the imperialist EU and their neocolonialist wars in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere.

    You have fought for the rights of the workers, unionized or without papers, for the rights of women, for a united front of all popular strata, of the exploited and oppressed.

    We Danish Marxist-Leninists have known you for a long time, our organizations were born in the same moment – and we hail your great struggle through all these years of shifting moments of historic developments and class struggles, defending the line and goal of revolution and socialism, fighting all reformist and revisionist deviations.

    We wish you success in the implementation of all  the decisions of the Congress. Revolution and socialism is on the agenda in our time. We assure that we will continue fighting shoulder-by-shoulder with you, a proud contingent of the CIPOML, of  the world marxist-leninist communist movement.





    On behalf of the CC of Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark APK

    Dorte Grenaa, Chairman

    Copenhagen December 15th 2015.