Press Statement of The National Democratic Front of the Philippines
9 October 2001

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines strongly condemns the US-led imperialist act of aggression against Afghanistan. Using the cover of a so-called war against terrorism, targeting its former protegees, Osama bin Laden and the Taliban regime, the US is raining cruise missiles and bombs on major cities and populated areas in Afghanistan in utter contempt of the national sovereignty of Afghanistan and the Afghan people. To add insult to injury, it claims to be providing humanitarian aid and dropping food together with the missiles and bombs. Reports of civilian casualties and large numbers of people fleeing the bombing are just coming in.

The record of state terrorism by the U.S. is clearly etched in the memory of peoples who have been victimized by it. The Japanese people cannot forget the hundreds of thousands who were killed in a matter of seconds with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Filipino people cannot forget the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who lost their lives in the U.S. war of aggression and colonization. Nor can the Korean people forget the U.S. war of aggression that caused the death of about 2,800,000 Koreans. The Vietnamese people also cannot forget the more than four million killed through terrorist use of napalm bombs, the massive use of explosive bombs and more than 18 million gallons of Agent Orange.

In supporting the coup d’etat of Suharto against the democratic government of Sukarno in Indonesia, the .U.S. was guilty of the death of more than 800,000 and the imprisonment of half a million people. Add to this the U.S. involvement in supporting the coups d’etat in Guatemala in 1954, in Chile against the Salvador Allende government, and its support for the Contras in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Then there is the support of the U.S. for the Israeli slaughter of the Palestinian people and its attacks against Cuba, Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia and so on.

All these acts of state terrorism by the U.S. have resulted in the loss of millions of lives. Indeed, U.S. imperialism is the worst kind of terrorism. The peoples of the world, including the American people, have to thoroughly expose and vigorously oppose it.

We have condemned the terrorist attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the four planeloads of civilians and have expressed sympathy for the civilian victims and the American people. But the American people must tell their own government to stop engaging in far bigger acts of terrorism that invite retaliation on what is now a well-proven vulnerability of the U.S.

It is reprehensible that the U.S. is using the September 11 attacks as an excuse to attack Afghanistan and massacre its people. It claims to run after a private band of terrorists but it does not provide any convincing evidence. It proceeds to aggress against one country and threatens to do likewise against other countries, using the slogan of a global war against terrorism.

What is most condemnable about the U.S. is that it is using the September 11 attacks as a pretext for carrying out far larger acts of state terrorism against the people fighting for revolution, nations for liberation and countries for independence.

In this context, we condemn the subservience and puppetry of the Macapagal Arroyo regime in allowing the U.S. military forces to trample on Philippine sovereignty and territorial integrity, particularly the use of Philippine air bases and waters. It is assisting the U.S. in carrying out a war of aggression against Afghanistan and the Afghan people and other bloody acts of terrorism against other peoples, nations and countries.

National Executive Committee
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

Certified by: Luis G. Jalandoni
Member, NDFP National Executive Commitee

Netavisen 9. oktober 2001

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